Dance Videos


Liberty – Dance Video from Daniel McKenzie-Cossou on Vimeo.


Dance video ‘Precipice’ was shot just outside London, with the stunning view of the city, and dance performance inspiring its’ title.
Dancer: Samantha Schnitzler
Director: Daniel Mckenzie-Cossou
Camera Ops: Alexx Adjei & Daniel Mckenzie-Cossou


“Movement”, is Daniel’s first video project of 2012. Inspired again by dance, Daniel directed and shot this collaborative project over the course of a few hours.
“Movement” was shot in London, over a few hours – in the freezing cold!
Director: Daniel Mckenzie-Cossou
Camera Op: Daniel Mckenzie-Cossou
Editor: Daniel Mckenzie-Cossou
Music: Kanging Ray – Quarante

Thoughts & Reflection

Thoughts & Reflection was a spur of the moment improvised project between Daniel & Renako McDonald, shot around the Southbank & Millennium Bridge. Daniel & Renako combined their ideas to illustrate their skills in story telling and Videography.
The video is based on taking the time to remove yourself to a place of peace.
Directors: Daniel Mckenzie-Cossou & Renako McDonald
Camera Op: Daniel Mckenzie-Cossou
Editors: Daniel Mckenzie-Cossou & Renako McDonald
Music: Kelly Clarkson – “Sober”

Air – Dance Video

‘Air’ is a collaborative effort between dancer Petra Haller and film makers Daniel Mckenzie-Cossou ( and Alexx Adjei ( They shot using two cameras over a few hours to create an expressive piece based around Petra’s contemporary dance performance.

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